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For more than thirty years, Jeanie's entrepreneurial spirit has led her to work with individual clients, families, celebrities, audiences, business and thought leaders who have applauded her as a powerful healer.  Jeanie Griffin is trained in both traditional psychotherapy and in alternative healing arts, uniquely blending both the modern and ancient worlds while navigating between the practical and the mystical.

She holds a Doctor of Divinity, and a MA in Mental Health and Addiction Counseling in both California and Texas.  Ms. Griffin is also a trained shamanic practitioner, intuitive healer, and spiritual guide, studying with some of the world’s leading spiritual guides and thought leaders such as Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, Mandaza, a Bostwana Shaman for the last fifteen years.  Adding to her skills, Jeanie is a trainer/coach in Jack Canfield's Success Principles™.


Jeanie helps clients embark on their own powerful spiritual journey of healing with a sense of courage, wonder, discovery and humor. They learn to live a happy and authentic life. Clients come to her with spiritual questions, stagnant careers, challenging relationships, life passages,

substance use challenges, anxiety and depression. She has the right combination of compassion, humor and kick. She is loved by her clients 18 to 80 years olds.


For more information explore freshouttaplans.com for a list of her many classes, workshops, teachings, courses, and retreats. Watch Jeanie on her YouTube channel and follow her on both Facebook and Instagram @jeaniegriffinla

People today overuse the word “authentic”. People trust Jeanie because she is unique, vulnerable, honest and a straight talker.”  

Tami Holzman