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Jeanie Griffin:
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From a shamanic point of view, the source of all things is Spirit and Spirit is in all things. In the practice of shamanism, we look at illness from a spiritual perspective. Shamanic Healing is a practice based on the belief that all healing has a spiritual dimension. In a healing, the shaman journeys in an altered state to consult with the spirits. It doesn’t matter if the complaint is a physical, emotional or mental manifestation because it is up to the spirits to share with the shaman what is going on with the client and how to heal it.


1. Loss of Power

This occurs when a guardian spirit or power animal goes away for some reason. The client is left without power that is usually available for protection and guidance on our life path.
Symptoms of power loss include:

  • Chronic depression

  • Chronic suicidal tendencies

  • Chronic illness

  • Seemingly cursed or jinxed

  • One crisis or loss after another

The shamanic healing for a loss of power is a power animal retrieval. In an altered state the shaman looks for an old guardian spirit and then returns the power animal to the client by blowing the energy back into the client’s body.

2. Soul Loss

This is loss of one’s life force or essence. Is the second classification of shamanic illness.
Symptoms of soul loss include:

  • Dissociation or disconnected from life

  • Not feeling like you are fully present

  • Chronic depression

  • Chronic suicidal tendencies

  • Chronic illness (immune deficiency)

  • Giving away your power

  • PTSD/Trauma

  • Addictions

  • Chronic feelings of emptiness or void

  • Filling up self with outside materialism

  • Feeling stuck no matter how you try

  • Feelings of extended grief and loss

  • Physical stress from car wrecks

  • Physical stress due to surgeries

  • Periods of memory loss

  • Coma


“I have not felt the same since…”

The shamanic healing for soul loss is Soul Retrieval followed by Soul Integration. Although soul loss is a survival mechanism the problem from a shamanic point of view is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person. It can also be hiding because it doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return.

The shaman goes into an altered state of consciousness to track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and returns it to the body of the client. The shaman and client do further work to integrate the returned essence.

3. Misplaced Energy / Spiritual Intrusions

This is the third classification of shamanic illness. Intrusions comes from negative thought forms that have either been sent your way or picked up by your energy from the environment. These negative thought forms can also be self generated by constant criticism of yourself.
Symptoms of an intrusion include:

  • Chronic anger

  • Chronic localized pain or illness that does not respond to other forms of care

The shamanic healing for Intrusions is Spiritual Extractions. Through guidance of the spirits and in an altered state, the shaman gores into the body of the client and sees what is in the body that does not belong. The intrusion is very carefully removed and neutralized. Again, the person is often given specific spiritual or ceremonial work to do as a follow-up to the extraction and to help maintain positive spiritual energy and psychic shielding.

4. A Possessing Spirit

This is the fourth classification of shamanic illness. Spirits can sometimes get lost making their transition, or they can get stuck on the land, in a home or in your body if you suffer from soul loss. The shamanic healing for a possessing spirit is psychopomp work which comes from the Greek word that means “leader of souls”. The shaman clears the lost soul from what it is possessing and helps the soul make its transition and escorts it out of the middle world back to a loving Universe.

Feelings after shamanic healing will vary from person to person because shamanic healing affects the energy field of the person.

Some people feel that they are more grounded in their body and feel more solid. Some people feel lighter and a more joyful way of living returns to them. For some a deep emptiness is no longer there. At times memories of the past traumas might be triggered bringing up a variety of feelings that must be worked through in further sessions. And for some people there is a subtle peacefulness that settles into their being as a shift in consciousness reconnects inner spirit with Universal Spirit. As we become “inspirited” we seek our true path.

Shamanic Services offered: All can be done via zoom or email readings.

Jeanie offers the 4 shamanic healing mentioned above for each shamanic illness. Any of these 4 healing usually takes 2 hours and costs $200-$250 depending on time used. She also offers workshops to teach you how to use shamanic journeys in your own life, which cost between $40-$50 per person for a 3 hour workshop She does intuitive personal readings for you and she uses intuition and card readings to get messages for you from Spirit Guides. Some of these individual readings cost from $40 for a one question email reading to $150 for a hour spirit guide message reading. For any of these services contact Jeanie

  • Shamanic Journeys

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Message From Spirit Guides


For more information, contact Jeanie. 

People today overuse the word “authentic”. People trust Jeanie because she is unique, vulnerable, honest and a straight talker.”  

Tami Holzman

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