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Jeanie has developed her own method of working with clients. The Method is based on the three pillars:

Learn more about each pillar in order to understand how each pillar builds on itself to help the client with personal growth and spiritual transformation. She offers traditional and alternative services via zoom, online courses, individual sessions, family sessions and group workshops.

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The Method states that 3 things are needed for transformation: 





Personal Growth & Spiritual Transformation for all people



What thinking is keeping you stuck in old ideas and actions?

What old plans or solutions aren't working anymore?

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To find similar people that support you and where you can be of service. 

How to find peace in the middle of chaos.

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1- Untangle The Mind

Let’s review the old ideas and old messages we are carrying. We cannot change what we do not realize is blocking us.

From the day we are born, we find solutions or plans with one goal in mind: SAFETY. 

We carry around an invisible backpack filled with solutions that have worked in achieving safety, but at some point, those solutions stop working and we must re-examine our life. Sometimes we make decisions when we are young and we have no clue we are still operating on those old ideas at age 24, 36, 40, 53, 64 or even older.

All feeling and action is born in thought; it does not always feel that way, but we are driven by conscious and unconscious thoughts. We must first see what those are before we can decide:

A) Are those my beliefs or someone else’s I want to let go

B) How do I recognize these thoughts when they come up and get in my way?

C) What ones do I want to change?

Untangle The Mind

2 - Experience The Invisible

I mean, let’s examine ways you can feel the Invisible or your Higher Power. By including daily practices that get you in touch with a mystical power greater than yourself, you will realize you do not have to do things all by yourself, under your own power. Doing things under your own power is exhausting.

Jeanie will assist you in ways you can pull in your spiritual connection by solidifying practices to assist on your journey.

If you have made a decision you do not need a spiritual connection or if you are angry at what you have been taught previously, Jeanie is the exact person to help you. At one point in her life she turned her back on all former spiritual beliefs and had to wrestle with why bad things happened in her life.

The Invisible

3 - Connect With Community

I mean, where and who are you going to use as a community for support and for a place to be of service. 

These people support you but also love you enough to tell you when you may be off base. While we all need a place we feel safe and people with whom we are safe, we also need to get out of ourselves and give back and be of service. Some people have focused on others for too long and forgot to practice self-care. When that happens we tend not to want to give  or be of service anymore. We are tired! But, we risk being very self-indulgent and self-absorbed if we don’t turn around and help the new person looking for assistance. After all, someone was there for us when we were battered and broken by life. 

Connect With Community

When used daily, these three pillars allow us to face anything life throws at us and more importantly we can find peace in the middle of chaos. We are no longer being pulled along in life by our emotions or old ideas we did not realize we had. With the help of others we feel as if we have been thrown a life raft that keeps us afloat.

We are transformed and then we can throw the life raft out to others who need help.

In this video, Jeanie Griffin describes her method for helping clients feel Peace in the Middle of Chaos.
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