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Do you want change in your life but do not know what next step to take? 

I provide a safe environment in which people can explore that question through traditional psychotherapy and alternative ways.

Creating change is not easy but when a change nags at your being, you must answer the call to explore what it is asking you to do. You might put off the journey by distractions but eventually you must answer the call.

My work focuses on how past experiences impact the present. We will work on keeping what is working for you, exploring future dreams and increasing strengths. I believe the relationship between a psychotherapist/mentor and client is the most important factor in healing. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by any of the following, you have come to the right place.

Treatment for the following issues:


  • addiction

  • relationships problems

  • codependency

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • parental support

  • needing addiction or codependency treatment

  • communication improvement

NOTE: Session time can be 50 minute or 90 minutes in length.


I am trained in EMDR, an evidence based therapy for treating trauma and PTSD. It can also be used to “GROW” positive thoughts for the future, and help tolerate overwhelming feelings. EMDR therapy asserts that when one experiences traumas or disturbing life events, thoughts, emotions, sensations and beliefs at the time, get ʻlockedʼ in the nervous system and remain un-processed. Those un-processed experiences contribute to clients getting triggered in the present and ʻshow upʼ as disturbing symptoms, behaviors, and thinking patterns that will bring clients into therapy.

The level of disturbance connecting previously un-processed experiences are actually being re-experienced in the present moment and as the nervous system stored them at the time of the event such as flashbacks, fear, hyper-vigilance, anger, numbness, depression, anxiety. The nervous system reacts now responds in the present like it did to past events. This looping of familiar thoughts, feelings, and behaviors keep the person stuck. EMDR activates the nervous systemʼs natural healing mechanism, to reprocess and re-wire the brain by using bilateral stimulation. It can help you live in the present without the past crashing through.

People today overuse the word “authentic”. People trust Jeanie because she is unique, vulnerable, honest and a straight talker.”  

Tami Holzman

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